200 years in fashion | An Exhibition

Fashion is an art, a constructive form that turns fabric and embellishments into something wonderful. As a viewer or wearer it can generate never ending amount of inspiration and the 200 years of fashion exhibition is just that

I recently visited the latest exhibition being featured at the National Gallery of Victoria. “200 Years of Fashion” which runs from the 5th  of March until 31st of July 2016. The gallery presents up to 90 designers and dressmakers from Australia over the last 200 years and the gradual movement of the trends over the years.

This exhibition was absolutely breathtaking. Providing an educational view on fashion over the years, beautifully crafted designs and hours of inspiration, which was exactly what I needed! Australian leaders in the industry Toni Maticevski, Alpha 60, Dion Lee and Ellery were the stand out designers of the exhibition providing innovative, wearable and conceptual designs. Shaking up the industry with every collection produced.



“Toni Maticeski parade spring-summer at MBFWA, 2015 Getty Images”

 Born Melbourne, Australia.

Launching his label in 1999. Maticevski balances art and fashion throughout his work and his own aesthetic. Toni’s beautifully crafted pieces are easily recognisable in public for their bold structures whilst incorporating a woman’s best assets. Toni is overall an artist, designer and creator. One of my all time favourite designers, you can’t help but stare when one wears his garments, simply in ore of its beauty and detail.



“Alpha 60. 

 From a rose farm in Canberra where designers Georgie and Alex spent most of their childhood, brother and sister duo. Now based in Melbourne since they started their label in 2005.
“Known for its fresh take on classic styles and cuts, reflecting a sophisticated quirk” Alpha 60.

 I personally love garments that flow off my body and Alpha 60 just know how to dress the body so effortlessly whilst keeping to a minimal styling approach which I love. 

Dion Lee, Sydney (fashion house) est 2009 Dion Lee (designer) Neo pleat interlock dress 2014 spring-summer, four seasons collection silk (chiffon), synthetic fibre, metal

 “at 30 years of age, Dion Lee has established himself as the most critically lauded, and awarded, fashion innovator to emerge from Australia in recent times.” Dion Lee is up there with my favourites in designers. He’s eye for detail through sculptural designs whilst keeping to his minimal approach make for the perfect outfit for any occasion. Overall a designer I go to regularly for outfit inspiration. And for those fashion lovers out there your wardrobe isn’t complete without one of his statement pieces hanging amongst the rest.

And lastly my love of all loves, the one and only Ellery!!!

Ellery, Sydney (fashion house) est 2007

 Ellery was launched in 2007, showing off a 70’s inspired approach to the design. Known for its architectural shapes and her killer flares, be that on her tops or pants. These have become a signature for the label. Kym was raised in Perth where she studied fashion design and production. After a stint in London she moved to Sydney which is where the label is based to date. Opening last years Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Ellery is a label most know. Her designs are like no other and in my books are simply irresistible. Its simply a treat when one can splurge on one of her garments.

Fun fact: Kym Ellery is the third Australian designer in history to present at Paris Fashion Week.

All of these Australian designers have such a strong design concept whilst incorporating an artistic approach to their labels which I love. Making for a very fabulous wardrobe collection indeed. For the fashionista who likes to make a statement day or night. Check out their labels to see the latest must haves coming your way through the links below:

  1. Toni Maticevski –https://www.tonimaticevski.com
  2. Alpha 60 – http://www.alpha60.com.au
  3. Dion Lee –https://www.dionlee.com
  4. Ellery – http://www.elleryland.com/us/why-not-available/


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