A Stylish Introduction

When I was first approached by Big Ink to submit a blog post I was initially hesitant. Will anyone like it? I thought to myself. Do I really have anything to say? Soon followed. A picture is worth a thousand words and fashion is how I have always expressed myself. Visual expression seemed to come naturally, personal style is how one communicates who they are to world without having to say a single thing.

Growing tiresome of the uniform dressing that seems to be slapped across the tail end of every public servant in this town, I refuse to conform. I see no need to dull down my sense of dress to fit in with the crowd.

Canberra is not the town that many people have branded it in the past; there is a side to Canberra that is vibrant, creative, urban and cutting edge. And in my first, of what I aspire to be many men’s style blogs for Big Ink I hope to convey a sense of heritage as an homage to our nation’s capital mixed with initiative influences true to myself.


Heritage listed: Wearing an older style of blazer is a great way to raise the bar with your dress code. Mixing it up with a low cut top underneath to convey a sense of rebellion.


Modern development: A mix of textures is always a good thing, wearing leather pants is a sure fire way to set you apart from the crowd.

Big Ink Magazine shoot

With thousands of options online it’s easy to forget that Canberra has some great places to pick up more formal attire like men’s suits. There are also events like Hustle & Scout that provide a great opportunity to get your hands on unique vintage pieces. My personal style is a mixology of high-end designer pieces that convey a sense of timelessness, quirky, one of a kind style. Vintage items can tell a more personal story and then there is the constant deliveries of urban street wear that reflect my need to stay two steps ahead of the trends locally. I like to let fashion reflect my mood. Men with style are great because they have a sense of self.



Balmain for H&M velvet dinner tuxedo jacket with gold detailing.

Balmain for H&M mesh tank top.

Vintage leather jeans and leather military boots by Balmain.

Diamond ring by Tiffany & Co.

Photographs by Tamara Candy, locally based.

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  • B Skordos says:

    OMG I love this guy already can’t wait for the next instalment about time Canberra

  • Jess Di Scipio says:

    He is amazing right! We are so proud to have him apart of our team! Get ready for some amazing fashion!

  • Ben Bradley says:

    Style-Icon/10. The coolest guy I know and does it with ease. Awesome work Jay, keep showing them how its done!

  • Fi McCready says:

    Wow – finally an article that’s really interesting in terms of fashion in Canberra. Can’t wait for the next instalment from this guy, love his look, his writing, his photos. Hope he becomes a regular contributor

  • Louise says:

    Cool article.

  • Lyn Williams says:

    Brilliant, insightful and obviously written by someone with flair and a great appreciation of style.

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