A series | In the Flesh

Girls can be a lot of different things. Ugly, delicate, volatile, badass, we’re all different and we’re allowed to be. This series is called “In the Flesh”. I’ve been exploring different sides of femininity as of late, and this is the first instalment of the series, an ode to the softer side. I wanted to showcase vulnerability and tenderness, qualities that are extremely powerful but often dismissed as weakness. I also wanted to explore self-love and the intimacy of a girl with herself. I purposely chose to shoot with someone close to me who I know is comfortable with their body.

Softness plays a big role in the idea of traditional femininity, but it was entwined with the idea of being faulty, and we’re learning more than ever that there are lots of different facets to being a girl. The vulnerability is something powerful for everyone, regardless of gender, and should be encouraged in an era of instant messaging apps, advertising, and Tinder dates- when the other person is still on Tinder at the date, that can sometimes leave you feeling cold. Technology is the hype of our generation and it can be something that causes separation, but it doesn’t have to be.

I’m looking to connect with something bigger, something I’m bursting with passion for, and that’s girls. Girls of all kinds, I want to support them. This is just the beginning, this is tamed and censored but it’s supposed to be.


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