An Open Letter;

Dear Business Owners, Creatives and Collaborators,

BIG INK is a Canberra born publication for creatives by creatives.

BIG INK is my passion, my love project, my baby. Having taken over the magazine in early 2016 my goal was to give BIG INK a community feel. I want to continue to create a platform where talented artists, designers, photographers and creatives to collaborate and showcase their works. More than anything, I want them to be recognized for their passions on a bigger and wide reaching platform.

Focusing on fashion, art and design, BIG INK promotes a culture of collaboration among artists, and prides itself on being a platform that showcases the raw and unearthed creative and artistic talents hidden in Australia.

Our goal is for BIG INK to shake up the design industry with our quarterly print publications and online blog. Stimulating visuals, thought provoking articles and luxury print quality are some of the features that make BIG INK a stand out in the current market.

The struggle is real for fashion, design and art in Australia. I wanted to help promote those who, like me, have lived the struggle and pressures of working as a freelancer to pursue their passion. I want BIG INK to inspire creative passions and continue to fill a gap in the current industry.

To date BIG INK has been a love project for myself and those who contribute. As I am sure you can appreciate running a magazine has its challenges in 2016.

BIG INK started off as a Canberra based magazine, and we are proud to say that we are quickly developing an all-Australian publication that showcases local and varied talents.

BIG INK is supporting our local talent; we strive to provide an audience to the contributors. We need contributions to be able to continue to do this and give back to locals. So we are reaching out to you, the amazing locals of Canberra to ask for your support in building, sustaining and expanding this little baby of ours.

Our little big city that is Canberra is full of so much incredible talent, in our industry and in others. We are no longer a government town. There is an undercurrent that screams start ups, creative and collaborators who are supporting each other daily. We love nothing more than being a part of it – if there is a way in which we can support you please also let us know.

We are not asking for huge funding. If you are a hair salon subscribe and showcase our publication, coffee shops buy a copy and pop us on your tables, if you’re a business consider advertising. If you would like to write for us, take pictures for us, we would love to hear from you.

Issue 17 of the magazine was launched yesterday. We have had a great response so far to this issue and we would love to see it continue.

I cannot thank you enough if you are still reading this letter. I sincerely appreciate your time.

With sincere thanks,

Jessica Di Scipio

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  • Nara O'Neil says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I’m a Canberra male model and photographer, would you be interested in some fashion / portraiture images for issue 18?
    I’ve had a recent shoot with a Canberra team that turned out really well and we would like to see these published!
    They have not been on social media yet, and have not been sent to other magazines at this point.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  • Bethany Hugg says:

    Hi Nara,
    We would definitely be interested in working with you.
    If you could send us an example of your work, or in this case some images from your shoot, to we will review them and get back to you as soon as possible.
    Thank you for getting in touch,

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