Nothing to do today? With the theme “Shake It Up”, this year’s Art Not Apart doesn’t leave much to be desired. In fact it’s quite the opposite, since the festival team are committed to serving up a jam-packed day every time. As marketing coordinator Michael Liu puts it, “there’s so much awesome stuff always happening, it’s the kind of festival you’ll go to where you’re never going to be able to see everything.”

Over 100 unique applications were received in response to this year’s theme, all about questioning the status quo and pursuing new perspectives through art. Up to its seventh year, the festival features a diverse lineup of visual art, poetry, films, parties, live music, live art displays and more. The live art lineup with names like Luke Chiswell, Jess Cochrane and Sanne Koelemij.

Meet Sanne: a 24 year old ANU Arts school graduate who’s killing it. Her work is as outlandish as it is beautiful. “My works have been really controversial, I’ve had mixed responses where people have gone into the gallery and said “what’s that doing on the wall, you can’t have rubbish hanging up?” And it’s like, that’s great, that’s the point of it!”

Her work is based around recycling unwanted items and rubbish by making them into vibrant pieces of art. To achieve this she paints and layers a plethora of shapes and lines onto materials such as cardboard, to transform what was once discarded into an abstract, colourful visual full of movement and life. “This piece should take me another day, the end product should just bounce off the wall.” 

Her pieces are all about creating illusions in space, turning flat surfaces into a tangle of objects. “It’s kind of what I really enjoy as well, to finding where people are really uncomfortable or when someone dares to say what is high art.” 

She will be super-sizing this unique artistic process by working on a large scale mural for the duration of the festival- painting, deconstructing and reassembling her work as part of a live studio. Sanne will be in the Dionysus Courtyard (located next to Hotel Hotel) from 2:30-7pm along with artists Luke Chiswell and Jess Cochrane.

It’s nearly time to go get shook and check out the masterpiece that’s ART NOT APART from 1-7pm plus special events and afterparties start from 7pm NFSA.

To see the full program click here

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