DESIGN CANBERRA | David Trubridge

David Trubridge a well renowned artist and designer who runs a company driven by a strong environmentally conscious philosophy which informs all aspects of design and production. David Trubridge is an internationally acclaimed lighting and furniture designer. An advocate for creators copyrights he been very vocal about replications within the creative world.

Trubdige will be in Canberra tomorrow night for the last keynote talk through Design Canberra Festival. 
The talk poses the questions of why does beauty matter more in our day than it has ever done before, and how does it relate to sustainability? Is it enough to have environmentally efficient buildings if they are not beautiful as well? Can design be good design if it is not sustainable?
An idea that is addressed in issue 18 of BIG INK. We look at beauty and its relationship and purpose within design. We are excited to attend tomorrow evenings talk to explore further in the world of design.
Tickets are still available HERE

Event Details |
Date: Thursday November 24
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Location: Anslie Gorman arts Centre – Main Hall

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