DESIGN CANBERRA | Estelle Briedis

Estelle is a Canberra based artist who specialises in screen printing on a myriad of different mediums and structures.  In her artistic process, Estelle draws influence from architecture to explore different shapes and their translation to different forms. See Estelle’s artworks at DESIGN Canberra in her studio on Saturday 12th of November from 11:00am to 4:00pm at 53 Kendall Ave Queanbeyan.

What inspires your designs and what are you trying to achieve through their production?

My designs are inspired mainly by architecture, using fractions of these architectural elements and embedding them into tessellating geometric shapes. I find people will often comment when looking at the print designs that it reminds them of certain buildings or forms which I find really interesting as everyone seems to have their own interpretation. Through the production of my printed designs I am trying to create high-intensity almost kaleidoscopic-like surface designs that when viewed you see different shapes embedded within each other.


What do you think the key thing is in creating a good design?

I think the key to creating a good design is constant practice. Like any other skill, the more you are work at an ability the more your potential will develop. This has been such a learning curve for me, there is always so many different things needing to be done running a design business, but allocating time to work on your skill is the most important, its the key element of your business and cant be neglected.

Canberra has undergone a lot of change in the last few years. How has the evolution of Canberra’s social and cultural scene changed your design practice?

Canberra has become such an amazing place to be an emerging designer. There are so many great facilitates that allow me to make work, such as Megalo Print Studio in Kingston, a space that is is such an important part of my design practice, through using their studio to produce and print my designs. Also initiatives like the Design Canberra Festival giving me the opportunity to showcase my work in different events around Canberra. These facilities and events have had such a big impact on improving my design practice and being able to connect with people in Canberra.


What makes your work unique and truly your own?

I think every designer has their own distinct style. I think what makes my work unique is a mixture of the colour and surface patterns that I produce that make it recognisable.

What is the best thing about being a designer?

Probably the best thing about being designer is being able to create my own style. There aren’t any rules, you can just do what feels right, and if it doesn’t work, rethink it. Being a designer means your work is constantly evolving and changing and I find that really exciting.

Why did you use screen printing as your medium and what is the most challenging thing about working with this material?

I use screen printing as my medium because I love process. Creating your own length of fabric, there is nothing quite like it. From laying out the blank fabric, measuring the repeat, to mixing up the colours, printing the design, setting the design and it having all this potential that you can turn it into anything, scarves, bags, clothes its an amazing feeling. The most challenging thing about working with the medium is as it is a there can a lot of mistakes when hand-printing. Especially with my measuring skills!



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