Design Canberra

Canberra’s annual DESIGN festival is returning for the third year in a row after debuting in 2014. Design is a pivotal aspect of Canberra, from its layout of roads and iconic buildings to the funky little alleys and enclaves filled with hidden café’s and artistic graffiti. Paving Canberra as a global city of design.

There is not one location where you can go and see it all, the festival has multiple locations for different events and aspects of its festival; from the arboretum, hip Lonsdale street, ANU, UC and even BMW rolfe motors. No matter what you enjoy, DESIGN festival Canberra has something to appeal to everyone, from interior design, speakers, pop up festivals, textiles; there is even something for the kids to get their green thumbs growing.

As I sat down to write this post I wanted to focus and highlight one event, designer or keynote speaker, however I simply cannot choose just one as I can honestly say that everything on offer is worth seeing. As much as choosing pains me, my inner reality tv show junkie is coming out and my love for ‘The Block’ draws me to the ‘Living Rooms’ event that takes place every Sunday and showcases the living rooms of Canberras acclaimed houses in the inner North and South. Not only can you get envious of peoples living rooms, there will also be pop up stores showcasing local artists works.

DESIGN festival Canberra will be running from 27th of October through to the 25th of November so make sure you set a day aside to see everything amazing that is on to offer. One city, 100+ events.

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