An interview with Anna from Eder by Anna about her driving inspiration, her creative processes and how she feels about showing her collection at FASHFEST later this month.
What did you want to be when you were growing up and how did you get to
where you are today?
Growing up I wanted to be a policewoman. In my younger days when I played with my dolls, which I might add were the best dressed, I began to realise my love for fashion and design, which only grew stronger. I got to where I am today by setting goals, reaching them and then setting bigger goals to
achieve. I believe that passion, hard work and being audacious are key.
Three words to describe your label.
Tailored, empowered, sleek.
What is your creative process?
I start by researching trends and colours I think may be coming up in the next season. I try and draw inspiration from my European heritage. I like to somehow incorporate traditional silhouettes and styles into my collections. I then start sourcing fabrics and trims from Germany, Italy, Japan, China and
locally in Sydney. I begin the sampling stage where I continue to be creative until I’m happy with the final collection. My creative process ultimately comes to me when I’m inspired by a global situation, traveling or as simple as a building or a movie.
What sets your brand apart from others?
The main thing that sets Eder By Anna apart from other brands in Australia is that we design, sample and produce all our pieces in-house. By having my own manufacturing business, I’m able to be more experimental and turn around deigns and samples within a day if needed. As a designer, pattern maker and machinist, I’m across every element of the design process when producing each
collection, which I believe makes Eder by Anna so special.
Why did you decide to be apart of FASHFEST 2016?
I decided to take part in FASHFEST 2016 as I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to take part in an event around the same time as my brands re-launch. I think it’s important to get involved in fashion events where possible and FASHFEST is the perfect opportunity for Eder by Anna to take to the runway and showcase our latest collection.
Do you think that FASHFEST will change the perception of your brand?
FASHFEST is an exciting opportunity for my brand to gain additional exposure in another state within Australia. We’re always looking to grow the brand and get involved in fashion-related events where possible. FASHFEST will help to create content and media exposure for me, which is extremely important.
Can you tell us a little bit about your collection this season? Any hints of what we are going to see on the runway?
Our range carries bold and sophisticated colours that represent the country of France. We’ve become inspired by the beauty of French culture and society. In spite of recent events, where violence and corruption tried to seep in and create destruction, our seasonal collection finds beauty shining through the violence. Our collection presents to an Australian audience the truth that though France has bee
n bombarded with social intolerance, the colours red, white and blue still reflect its true colours.
What is your inspiration for this collection?
My inspiration for this collection revolves around ‘The French Revolution’. With the recent events in France, which have left many families and Countries devastated, I began drawing inspiration from the beauty that originated in the fashion capital of Paris. Classic French colors, silhouettes and feminist idols, such as Marie Antoinette, have heavily inspired my designs this season.
The highlight of your career so far?
The highlight of my career so far was showcasing my Spring Summer 15/16 collection in New York last year. This was an amazing opportunity for myself as a designer and for my brand to open up to the rest of the fashion world.
Best advice you have ever received?
The best advice I have received is ‘You cannot go through life doing everything yourself. It’s OK to surround yourself at work with people that share the same aspirations and strive to help you reach your goals.’
See Eder by Anna at FASHFEST, from the 29th of September to the 1st of October.
Tickets available now

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