Faux the new fur

While the cool weather isn’t always cherished, it doesn’t mean that we don’t love getting warm with big fashionable outerwear, particularly fur coats – which have been a must-have item for the past season, however, fur is a sensitive subject to many and it is not valued because of how it’s production process.

After numerous protests from animal rights groups (PETA, The Humane Society) spanning over the last 20 years or so, fur has become one of the industry’s most disruptive subjects. With many fashion shows being ‘crashed’ by protestors to stop fur Torture. These protests have been educating consumers over the years, growing a society that is mostly against the idea of wearing and creating fur that comes from animals.


Faux fur – Fake fur made of synthetic fibre materials resembling real fur- has become one of the biggest trends of the past seasons, where many designers and labels have been designing with it as it provides incredible colours and volumes that you are not able to create with real fur. With an ethical and cruelty-free approach to designing, making it more desirable to consumers. It has also become a great investment due to being cheaper than real fur. In saying that, faux fur is no longer seen as a cheaper alternative, however, it is more appealing due to being friendly to the environment and the animals.

Technology has significantly advanced, making it difficult to tell the difference between real fur and faux fur. When buying faux fur, look for blunter and straighter edges, a fabric backing rather than leather and a smooth, glossy finish.

Gun Shy a local Australian label that creates ethical faux fur concentrates on the possibilities of extreme faux fur, and ‘Unreal Fur’ – where their mission is to create cruelty-free, beautiful clothes, creating a luxurious and ethical alternative to fur.

I had the privilege to interview the designer behind ‘Gun Shy’, Kathryn Jamieson. When asked what inspired her to create an alternative to fur, she responded with “I find faux fur to be magical and fun. It has great textures, colour and prints…we are only at the beginning of the possibilities.” She explains that there is no way she would ever do anything with real fur as it is “unnecessary, cruel and horrible.”

Kathryn also discussed where she sees the history of faux fur heading towards, saying there are two sides- ethical and technological. Firstly, a greater amount of people these days are moving away from real fur as she states “A greater understanding of the cruelty of fur jackets is getting wider and wider, especially matched with the growing veganism trend”. Secondly, she describes that faux fur doesn’t last forever like real fur, however, thanks to technology; we can see a change in the years coming, stating “I think fabric technology is really going places”. Kathryn’s goal to achieve 5 years from now is to have created a magical and glamorous fluffy universe that people can enjoy.

Say hello to faux being the new fur and stay looking fabulous during the winter season- in a more ethical way.

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