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We’ve all been through the teenage years when we owned a minimum of 5 pairs of sunglasses that collectively cost about $15. We’ve owned everything from the heart shaped to the fluro framed, the Kanye West all the way to the Fly sunnies. Now, looking back on those photos from the ninth grade, we see that not every style of sunglasses was made for us. Luckily, we’ve grown out of this phase and have realized that buying sunglasses is more of an investment, so here’s a quick guide to help you choose the right pair for your face shape!



If you are lucky enough to have an oval face shape, congratulations are in order. Your friends envied you throughout those awkward teenage years, you are one of the ones who can pull off almost any style of sunglasses. You’ve been blessed with a symmetrical face and even features, which means the sunglasses store is your oyster. You can wear anything from angular frames to rectangular or circular based frames with ease. The main thing for you to pay attention to is the size of the frame. A larger frame could cover up your features so op for a smaller frame which will compliment your features, particularly your cheekbones.



Given that you have a round face, the height and width of your face are quite similar. Your round features, such as cheekbone, are more defined than your angular facial features. So, since you have all the rounded features you need, try to avoid circular based frames. When selecting your sunglasses keep in the back of your mind that you want the frame to elongate your face. Choose an angular frame or a horizontal based frame for sunglasses success. For the ladies, this means you are the ideal face shape to pull off one of the latest trends, the cat eye.




A heart shaped face means you have higher cheekbones, a wider forehead and a narrower chin. Embrace your lovely shape and try to find a style that mimics your face. Just as your face is wider at the forehead than the chin, you can find a frame that is wide at the top and narrow or angular at the bottom. You can also try bottom heavy frames to give the bottom half of your face extra width to balance out your facial features.




If you’re well known for your perfect bone structure and prominent angular features, then this one’s for you. When selecting your summer sunnies go for circular based frames to soften your well defined features and steer clear of angled frames or rectangle based frames as they will exaggerate your angular features. The cat eye style might not be for you but you’re the perfect match for the classic aviator style!



All in all, hopefully this guide helps your investment in your next pair of sunglasses!


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