Beautiful, feminine and wonderful: there are no better words to describe Homebodii’s robes, sleepwear and dresses.  In September 2016 We met with Homebodii designer Ingrid Bonner on location on the rooftop of the Nomo Soho Hotel where something undeniably magical happened. The rigid shapes and textures of the New York skyline provided a stark contrasting backdrop to Homebodii’s fluid and lacy garments, creating a fresh perspective on femininity. We spoke to Bonner about her business, her inspiration and the Australian fashion industry…

How did Homebodii come about? 

Homebodii was created from a personal desire to create a beautiful but also versatile robe. When I was pregnant with my second child I was on the hunt for something both feminine and suitable for my age.

The growth of the brand was very organic, from a  signature collection of robes we expanded into sleepwear and then dresses. It all came from a place of wanting to create beautiful feminine designs. The way the brand has been welcomed by our customers is truly beyond our expectations and is a dream. Over the years we have been fortunate to be picked up by leading stores in the US. When we were invited to showcase at NYFW we through it would be a wonderful opportunity to show on the world stage our signature homebodii style. Keeping true to our aesthetic is very important to us. We don’t follow trends, but listen to our heart on a new collection and make sure that we create things of beauty that make women feel great wearing.

What was your inspiration for todays shoot and bringing it all together?

Today’s shoot was a celebration of the journey to today! it has been a long road and to shoot on the top off an New York building surrounded by other amazing creatives is wonderful. The theme for the shoot is “Sleep Pretty NYC” bringing back the glamour of Old Hollywood.

A diverse range of people were huddled into a hotel room today, collaborating with a range of talent from all over the world. Our brand ethos at BIG INK is about bringing people together to collaborate and produce thought provoking articles and stimulating visuals. Would you say thats something you are passionate about? Why/ why not?

Most definitely, I find the creative process very inspiring, like what you witnessed today it almost takes a life upon its self. those attractive to creating are drawn into the process, being in such a cultural and creative hub that Soho NY is and being fashion week you are surrounded by some of the most creative people. It’s all so inspiring. You never know who you are going to meet next. In the foyer of my hotel I bumped into a little old lady looking for the ladies room. I helped her and we ended up in a half an hour conversation on creativity and how to encourage it in children. She later told me her son was one of the biggest names in the fashion world today. No pretentiousness, just encouragement and advise. It an energy we put out and bringing like minded people together only heightens the experience.

What is your view on Australian fashion? and how it has evolved since you started working in the industry?

Im no expert, but I do love clothes and from an early age would invest in great Australian designers. I look at buying clothes as a cost per wear scenario. Even when the weekly wage didn’t agree. We Australian’s are very well respected in the fashion industry. Much like Australian actors we bring to the table a unique style and attitude. I way I think it has evolved is with the internet now there are more opportunities to get your brand exposed all over the world. It so wonderful when we see orders come in from places like Russia, Estonia or even Africa.

Do you think being in Australia, or the Gold coast has had a particular impact on the success of the brand?

The world has become so global, while I do envy those who live in the collective creative hub of places like NY, London LA.however you can run a very successful business from most places with internet access these days. I was born on the Gold Coast and both sides of my families are very much settled here. It is a wonderful place to raise children. Customers are often surprised when they find our that our studio is based on the Gold Coast. As far as impact certain challenges with running an international business is the time differences which means often working round the clock a slave to 24/7 emails. We will however be looking at setting up a physical presence in the US next year.

What is your greatest achievement so far within this brand? 

I started the brand when I was 30 as a passion, it step in the journey is a celebration. It feels really great to be able to employ people who really thrive on the journey of our brand Homebodii. Some of which that have been here from the beginning. NYFW definitely was a highlight and having my family in the US to attend the show icing on the cake. When we hit the best seller mark with our international stockists that is also rewarding. It show that universally the designs you imagined, created then produced are loved worldwide…now that’s pretty cool.

Final words to inspire…

Don’t be scared to put yourself out of your comfort zone, create lasting memories, spread joy and truly LIVE.


Photographer | Sara Heaven
Designer | Homebodii
Model | Marie
Hair | Davroe
Assistants | Karina Deo, Mel Rose, Jessica Di Scipio
Location  | The Nomo Soho Hotel

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