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If there’s one fashion blogger on the rise, it’s our Aussie based man of the hour, Shaun Birley! He’s been busy working with some of Australia’s No.1 leading men’s fashion labels, ontop of travelling and pursuing his career as an entrepreneur. This is one guy you’d be crazy not to follow. Recently making his way to Canberra we sat down with Shaun to hear more about how he got to where he is today…

J: Tell me about your career

S: I run an online shipping company like a broker, kind of like Web Jet but for DHL freight stuff. We find cheaper freight options for companies.

J: What do you attribute to your success

S: Hard core sales, door knocking every day. It’s been a raw organic way to building a business. Networking at events, always being face to face with businesses that had anything to do with importing or exporting.

1472038311631J: How do you manage everything you do?

S: Not well ha…I have a part time PA who helps me out which has been great. During the week I work for our freight company then on weekends I’m doing photo shoots and fashion shows, it’s a totally different world. Putting more on my plate has trained me to be more organised.

J: What is the biggest challenge you have faced in your career so far?

S: A year ago I was thinking about selling my business as I was offered a role as a full time business coach, flying around Australia mentoring/ coaching about 36 small logistic companies.

I struggled to find someone who had the passion and work ethic like I did, that would be able to go out on the road everyday looking for new businesses as aggressive as I am. I needed a general manager more or less. Taking a back seat to your business you’ve nurtured from zero dollars to now is probably the hardest thing, just hope things go well.

J: Have you also known a life in fashion was for you?

S: I finished university then went straight into meetings, living in Sydney, sitting down with these CEO’s of banks etc. The guys that were all professionally dressed, you know the guys. So that’s when I knew if I wanted to be taken seriously and respected I needed to dress the part. I would look around Vinnie’s or any op shop for suits and get them tailored. Even to this day some of my second hand suits are my most complimented pieces.


J: What is this season’s biggest trend in male fashion?

S: Linen – wearing a full linen suit today, its light for the summer time, which is great especially considering how hot Australia gets. Blues, greys and camel colours are the colours to look out for. Old traditional suiting, “cuffed pants” that 1950’s styling, no belts, double breasted jackets.

J: What are your grooming essentials?

S: A single blade razor. Makes a massive difference on your skin.

J: Do you prefer a suit or casual attire?

S: Suit, every day of the week

J: What’s the item you can’t live without?

S: My phone- pretty much runs my life, But technology aside I would have to say a nice, comfortable pair of loafers.

J: Signature scent?

S: I’m not a fan of heavy manly scents, musky blokey stuff more put into summery. I like light floral scents like YSL and Prada.

11917953_470567083124217_1087724141_nJ: Where do you splurge in your wardrobe?

S: I love accessories! They help mix and match an outfit, ties, belts etc can really change a suit

J: Your style advice to men?

Buy things that fit! And a well fitted suit in a staple colour is a necessity in your wardrobe.

J: You’re a bit of a traveller where is your favourite place to visit and why?

S: Melbourne, love it but couldn’t live there, it’s too cold.

J: Go to coffee house?

S: Oh that’s a hard one, too many good ones.


Well there you have it, a little insight into Shaun’s world, for more head to his Instagram to stay informed on all things mens fashion and coffee! @shaunbirley

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