Issue 19 – A series

Issue nineteen explores the stories of a select group of Australian artists, designers and creatives whose vision exists beyond them. Marzena Wasikowska, who depicts the threat of climate change through photography, to florist Rachel Evans who is redefining her artistic practice. Architect, Shannon Demicoli Battisson discusses how brutalism in architecture restores the deep human experience found in the natural environment and we see how authenticity is implemented into design practices through conversations with four furniture designers.

We worked with illustrator, Freya Dunne to design a thought provoking cover that strips away culturally determined identities from the figures. Looking beyond these details to depict a community that nurtures inclusiveness. At the core, this edition represents design and art that is conscious, authentic and looks beyond the present to explore change required within our culture for a clearer future.

A desire

A thought provoker

A conscious perception

A collectable

A publication for creatives by creatives –┬áIssue 19 Big Ink


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