‘LARGE PORTRAITS’ by Charlie White

Charlie White. A photographer who explores himself in the faces of others, through the process of taking portraits of the individuals he finds the most interesting.

Lull Gallery is pleased to present Large Portraits – a solo exhibition of large scale black and white portraits by Charlie White at Fitters Workshop in Kingston on February 11 at 6pm.

Large Portraits is the culmination of 5 years of formally photographing people White has met while working in portraiture and fashion photography in New York, Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. In this body of work, White attempts  to capture his subjects with a stillness that isn’t afforded when we meet someone in day to day life. Printing them larger than life, the 20 works in Large Portraits are all hand printed silver gelatin prints made in the darkroom, just over a metre square in size.

White’s creative practice stems from the idea that there is an inherent value in documenting people in a straightforward, non distracting way. Portraiture allows us to not only look at the people exhibited, but also at ourselves. Both the contrasts and similarities we feel between the subject and ourselves are amplified in the raw images, with an underlying acknowledgement that we are all subject to the human condition. It is this power of portrait photography that White skilfully manipulates: the private, quiet cerebral space it grants us to judge, compare and examine ourselves through the exposition of others.

Read more about the event here

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