Over Coffee

Over coffee – a new approach to photographic coaching.

Samuel Broomby, our resident photographer, is a portrait photographer who has been working in Canberra for over two years. He stays true to his aesthetic of refined basics, staying clear of airbrushing or heavy uses of photoshop.  His impressive resume includes publications like Elle UK print, Fashion Journal print, online and BIG INK.

Samuel is an expert on all things when it comes to the camera, and now is providing an amazing service, Over Coffee, where you can learn to do the same.

“Over Coffee is born out of a culture of collaboration. It’s about sharing everything I know about my craft, and its focus is on providing you with everything you need to take your photography to the next level.

We take an hour (and a bit) to sit down over coffee at your favourite café, to talk about everything you’ve found difficult, and to talk through how you’ll create the images you’ve always wanted to create.”

Over Coffee is for beginner and intermediate photographers and is the perfect way to learn in a comfortable environment.

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