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When I first saw the trend of science/laboratory inspired accessories I honestly did not think it was going to go anywhere. SPOILER; it did. When I’m wrong I like to think I go graciously and will happily like to verify where I went wrong. So I thought I’d dedicate this article into shining a light on the unique and urban chic trend that whilst has not gotten a whole lot of attention from designers and critics, has definitely hit a market in products.



These accessories are made for ornamentation, and mimic those used in scientific laboratories (and likely not recommended for your own experiments at home). Incorporating bell jar style hurricanes, test tube racks made for vases and Bunsen burner inspired oil burners. Whilst apprehensive when seeing the stand alone pieces, once I started investigating and seeing how they could be utilised in design spaces I was happily surprised. They have such a fun unique edge, and would be a great way of bring a passion into the home. Incorporating the different textures of glass, wood and metal also creates a contrasting balance that is what the perfect accessory is made out of.


The big question is how to make such a fun and unique item work within other designs. Other interior designers, not in the name of science but rather style, have experimented with these and they look work great in kitchens or bathrooms, and vignette’s on bookcases, coffee tables or of course on a desk. Backed with exposed lighting such as a hanging bulb, and other mix matches woods and glasses develops not only the spaces on similar themes but also makes the accessories a feature. Other interior trends to compliment these would be coppers, terrariums, geometrics or map or bug/animal prints in posters, wallpaper or material and even to go all the way a skull theme to compliment.


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