Sewing Satire

How far is too far? Art is about breaking boundaries pushing the limits and conceptualising what we know as the norm. This includes fashion, looking towards the unconventional and avant-garde for the even more bizarre but beautiful items to surface. As of recently, there has been a rise in a trend that pushes all boundaries the trend of ‘how ugly can we make something and still have people and influencers engage with it in the name of ‘fashion’?’.

Could it be that we are all players in a social experiment? Last month Balenciaga launched a $2600 bag that resembled that of an IKEA shopping bag. As one who quite often sees beauty in obscure places and appreciate it in the right time and place, but then to put a ridiculous price on something that shows hardly any innovation or talent, except for seeing how far below minimum wage you can get away with paying your sweatshop workers, just really doesn’t appeal to me.


This isn’t to say that I don’t love when bizarre trends come about (wearing pj’s in public) but when does it get too far? Free expression is a beautiful thing and I admire people following their dreams, however, I feel like some of the big brands are just actually taking the mickey out of us to exploit us for money, they know they are respected designers with large followings and use that to push some garish items into our wardrobes. So when do we say enough is enough and the days of the sewing satire should be over?

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