Summer Lovin

Greetings upper east siders. The sun is shining, the frost has melted and the official season of the Sunday sesh is upon us -Welcome to Summer gentlemen and in keeping with Summer’s laid back easy mantra I’m sharing some accessible, low maintenance fashion tips to help you raise the bar without maxing out on effort.

Busy Pants.


I say floral’s and inevitably the immortal words of Miranda Prestly come to mind but don’t be afraid to step outside the conventional trouser attire and rock a fun and frisky trouser print when attending any semi-formal event this season. A printed pant is an excellent way to set yourself apart this summer. Taking a nod to Gucci’s GG Bloom line we have slowly seen floral prints filter their way back down into the lines of a number of designers and now into more affordable attainable labels such as ASOS and Zara.

A million reasons.


Without a doubt the most favoured return to forefront of men’s fashion in recent times has been that of the fedora. Taking different shapes, sizes and colours men’s hats have slowly crept back onto the scene since late 2014 championed by insta mega star Nathan Macallum aka @isnathan. Initially being obtained the more expensive route by bespoke milliners men’s hats have now become more affordable and obtainable since rising in popularity many Australian labels now offer a more achievable look such as Arqvst, and again retailers such as ASOS or Zara.

Sock Party.


Not typically a trend for any one season in particular but I would be remiss in forgetting one 2016’s most prevalent and enjoyable trends that has walked around with us all year. No matter the occasion fun socks have been spotted on everyone from the skate park to the board room. Stepping out with Converse all stars on the weekends or chicly concealing themselves above an Aquila lace up from nine to five an array of colours and prints have been a trend that shows no signs of slowing down this summer. Happy Socks and Bamboozled can be found in David Jones and online and boast the best designs to keep you summer ready.


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