The Barber Shop

In the grand tradition of Peter Allen ‘Everything old, is new again,’   as up until just a few years ago barber shops were a seemingly forgotten product of a bygone era. Contemporarily, men are more willing to spend money on pampering  and dressing well, but finding a near barber and trusting a stranger with your hair can be quite daunting.

Barbers have been around since the bronze age, that is, for as long as there has been hair and razors to cut it with.  Throughout the early twentieth century barbers were widely considered essential for men’s grooming and as there was so much competition it kept the prices down during the war and the depression. Barbers traditionally traded in beards for the classic short back and sides. It wasn’t until 1959, Edmond Roffler developed the famous Roffler Sculptur Kut technique, a method for which barbers could start to earn big money and capitalize on long hair by providing a much more diverse clientele base for the industry.


The Barber Shop located in Canberra’s QT opened along with the QT takeover and refurbishment just a few years ago. Its location to the right of the hotel restaurant means it is styled accordingly with the QT’s ultra-luxe twenty’s vibe with a very relevant modern twist. With no tile left unturned, every inch of the Barber Shop has been meticulously considered and styled to take you back to a time were gentlemen treated themselves to hot-towel shaves. Kristian, my Barber virtuoso, places the proverbial cherry on top of my well overdue indulgence by offering a Whiskey Neat from Lucky’s Speakeasy. Once I take him up on this time honoured custom he reveals the door parallel to the shop entrance is actually a hidden entrance to the bar.



Kristian, who is originally from Wales, educated me on The Barber Shop’s use of different tools and razors to provide neater cuts for their  clientele’s different wants and needs. He demonstrates his thorough knowledge of the craft and touches on current men’s grooming trends. As I sink back into my antique leather barber’s chair after establishing trust with my new barber and treat myself to a very well deserved pampering session I finally understand why they call it, The Barber Shop.


A full list of services for the Barber Shop can be found here:


  • Ali Salehi says:

    Wow! What a great piece… I’ll have to check this place out.

  • Lyn says:

    Such knowledge, such taste and such style. If Kristian can satisfy his toughest judge he is the barber extraordinaire.

  • Cathy Z says:

    Always a good read! Love reading about the trending styles for both men and women! Fabulous job as always Jay!!!

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