The Rise and Fall

Is there something that we’re using everyday, holding in our hands for a large majority of the day snatching the magic from another material?

Im heading to Uni this year and I’m super nervous. School was never my thing. My school experience was made better by my weekly trips to the nurse’s office for naps – but hey, getting out of bed was my biggest fear each day. Im planning on studying at ANU School of Art, doing the Bachelor of Design, with my chosen media being photography. (So hopefully you’ll see some of my terrible snaps accompanying my tedious rambles!) I loved photography in high school, it’s where my love for art started to really blossom/ although now I’m going have to do a big shoutout to Annie Liebovits’ Disney collections for really getting me into the beauty of a photo. Theres something about holding something in your hands, and being able to have the power to capture a moment, freeze a memory, hold on to a vision forever, that is just so magical and powerful to me. As much as I love my Nikon baby, my Pentax is my favourite, the rawness that a film camera produces is just indescribable.


I am all for everyone taking photos and getting their inner artist out, please everyone release your creative energy. The world is always in need of more artistic beauty.  What I have noticed lately (and myself included is guilty of this) is that by having such ridiculously smart, powerful, technologically advanced phones being able to take decent photos is now at our fingertips. And whilst I’m no professional photographer, I am very aware and familiar with the difference between ‘iphone photography’ and actual ‘photography’. People who whip out their iphones, take a snap, and title themselves photographers is  a smack in the face to those who have studied and worked their butts off to get where they are by making a living from their artistic practice. By all means it’s amazing that we have this readily available technology that lets us take above decent photos on our phones, but it certainly does not make one a photographer. Sure, you can test your creative eye with phone cameras, but there is so much more to photography than just a simple click of a button.

Out of respect for those who have climbed mountains and done the hard yards in the industry, don’t say you’re a photographer because you can take some okay photos on your phone. However don’t give up that creativity, keep snappin’ pics on your phone and getting the creative juices flowing, just don’t attempt to put yourself on the same level and league of those who deserve their title.


Images sourced from Pinterest.

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