Mikaela Wright

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-8-21-34-pmDedicated readers – prepare yourselves as the porcelain princess is here. I am so far beyond the moon to have joined the BIG INK team; fashion has always been in my blood and heart, it was only in year 7 when I realized my dreams of joining the big bosses over at NYFW were over as I couldn’t even sew a single thread. So…. I did what everyone does if they cant do – I judge and educate others.

I thoroughly enjoy pushing the boundaries and I write as I think – a little tongue in cheek and just a lil bit naughty. I love the fashion, beauty, art, interior scene – literally anything that I find aesthetically pleasing… I love and want to be apart of.

My aim in life is a lil up in the air; I want to dabble in a bit of everything, I love taking photos, I love doing business and I obviously love writing…. I KINDA WANNA DO AND LEARN EVERYTHING #dilemma; So like most 20 year olds I am sorta just floating around serving drinks and winks at Mooseheads until I have an epiphany but for the meantime I am putting my love and energy into my work here, the bar, my family and friends and all my kitty cats. Pls enjoy me